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Ally Condie


Matched Trilogy, book 1


Dutton Books

Publication Date





0525423648, 9780525423645

Matched is a 2010 young adult dystopian novel by Ally Condie. It is the first book in the Matched Trilogy.

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[edit] Publication

Matched was published by Penguin, who won an auction against six other publishers to acquire the rights to the trilogy for a reported seven figures. Foreign publication rights to the book also sold in 30 other countries before the book's release.[1]

[edit] Critical Reception

Matched received generally positive reviews from critics. Publishers Weekly praised its "enthralling and twisty dystopian plot"[2] and Courtney Jones (writing for Booklist) noted its "stunning clarity and attention to detail."[3]

Matched was also well received by the Mormon literary community, winning both a Whitney Award and an AML Award. The AML Award praised Condie for creating "a 'perfect' society that is both convincing and disturbing" and "recognizable characters that one can't help but care about."[4]

[edit] Awards

2010 Whitney Award for Youth Fiction—Speculative

2010 AML Award for Young Adult Fiction

2011 ARTY Award for Best Local Dystopia

[edit] References

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